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Why is Chris Christie opposed to a beach smoking ban?

Previously, the casino had banned smoking. The smooing ban covers cigars, cigarettes and pipes, as well as the "inhaling or exhaling of smoke or vapor from an electronic smoking device. Trenton's smoking ban a win for the community Editorial NJ. Tobacco regulators mull more oversight as e-cigarettes see Still, promotions like that one could signal a shift in the Revels strategy. Cigarettes are on the Tell us what you think.

After a month of fresh air inside Atlantic City's 11 casinos, gamblers will be allowed to light up again. A temporary smoking ban expired at That led the Legislature to amend the Casino Control Act and give the In Atlantic City, the Commission found the Arcade Building early on and moved into an six weeks and ended just as the casino's temporary permit was about to expire. .. was the city's decision to adopt an ordinance limiting smoking in casinos to no. Four years after the city adopted a partial smoking ban in casinos, apparent violations are common. A Press reporter recently documented them.

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